Our Vision:

  • Lead the nation in stockpile science, innovation and sustainment.
  • Be the foremost national security laboratory, anticipating, innovating and delivering solutions for the nation’s most challenging security problems.
  • Be the premier destination for our nation’s very best scientists and engineers.

Our Priorities:

  • Deliver on our stockpile stewardship mission and, in particular, the W78 LEP and the National Ignition Campaign.
  • Enhance and expand our mission in the broad national security space.
  • Sustain and ensure that we are at the cutting edge in the science, engineering and technology capabilities our sponsors need.
  • Ensure excellence in execution: deliver results of the highest quality, on schedule, and on budget.
  • Ensure excellence in operations: safety, security, environment and state of the art business practices and processes.
  • Improve our cost effectiveness.
  • Provide a first-class workplace environment to our employees.
  • Expand our contributions to the local and national economy through partnerships with academia and industry.